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Personal photo of Cochem Castle (July 2018).


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  2. Hi Katie! I love how personal and fun this storybook sounds with a traveler's perspective who may be experiencing these stories I am assuming for the first time. I love the depiction of your own personal images from your trip to Germany. The emphasis on scenery is a very unique and exciting idea.

    I understand that this storybook will describe the scenery from the traveler's perspective and will be set closer to the Medieval Ages which is a very interesting time period. I wonder what exactly these folkstore stories will entail. I wonder if I could get more information about what stories are occurring around the rivers of the Rhineland. I am not familiar with the well-known The Lorelei. I think it could be cool to expand a little bit to hear what these stories are about.

    Overall, great story and what a great idea! I look forward to reading your stories.

  3. Hey Katie! This storybook idea seems really cool. Implementing all your stories within an overall journey is really interesting. I do not know if I have ever heard any of the Rhineland tales so I'm interested in learning about them! I would keep in mind that some people may not be familiar with them, so keeping a good well-explained author's note with them will probably be important. I can't have wine but I'll keep some chocolate milk around, hopefully that's a good substitute. I wonder how you're going to decide to tell them. Are they going to be real events happening in your world? Or is the traveler going to experience them being told by the people they meet? It could be cool if they just happened to stay somewhere for the night and someone was around telling stories. Maybe they'll come across something later on that reminds them of a story they heard before.

  4. Hi, Katie! First off -- I feel the images you selected really set the scene for the stories you're going to tell. That castle is gorgeous! And the buildings in the region are so charming. Are you going to take inspiration from your trip to Germany when you build your settings? I've never heard of "The Lorelei" or "The Mouse Tower" so I'm excited to be introduced to new stories. When you say that it will be from the point of view of a traveler on the Rhine river, does that mean he'll be from the present telling about the past? Or will he also be living during medieval times? Can't wait to read your stories!

  5. Hey, Katie!

    I really, really love the aesthetic of your page. I know that is probably something you've heard already, and it is seemingly a really basic comment, but I mean it! The way all of the styles you included work together really makes it fantastic. This includes the font choice, picture choice, and background color of your page. I felt like I took a less detailed approach by just adding a picture to a white background for my own site, but now I feel motivated to add a lot more thought into it by connecting different styles to create one really amazing one like yours! I think your introduction really hit it off by describing what your site will be all about. And, again, the way you formatted it with the image you chose really made it feel homey. That may come off as weird, but what I mean to say is that it feels comforting just reading the words on your site, just based on the way the site is set up. I cannot wait to see how you are going to include your stories in the future! Great job.


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